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Welcome to Celica-GTS.com, home of the original high performance import! This web site is my tribute to the Toyota Celica. More so the 1983 model with the GT-S package. Which includes four wheel independent suspension, fuel injection, big 14" x 7" aluminum alloy GTS wheels and fender flares, 8-way adjustable seat, cruise control, tilt wheel, power windows/mirrors and all of the other amenities you would expect from a modern import.

83 Toyota Celica GTS

These speedy sport cars were generally run on the 22R/RE engine. This bulletproof engine has been in service since 1982 and they were produced up to the mid 90's. At 2.4 liters these are a fairly large displacement four cylinder engines. Generally pushing 105-115hp these machines can be pushed to more than 350hp. The use of forced induction is generally required for anything past around 250hp. A very reliable chain driven single overhead cam valve train is one of the many great features of this engine. As well as a forged crankshaft that rivals any bigblock V8. It is not uncommon to see these engines running after 400,000 miles have been run up on the odometer.

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