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Author Topic: Please To Be Reading This Before Asking About Engi  (Read 6545 times)

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Please To Be Reading This Before Asking About Engi
« on: Nov 20, 2007, 07:18:11 pm »
Hate to be a bubble burster here, but how many times a month is this Q gonna come up? The answer is simple. Whatever you want to put in it, and how much money do you have? There is no best engine to drop in there, and there is no info on this site as to how to go about swapping anything into an older model, let alone into an 82-85. All you'll get here is people's opinions on what they'd like to see in it, or what they'd dream of doing to it if it was theirs. The best engine is whatever you decide to settle on and be happy with in the end.
Now you'll need to do a lot of research on this too, and it's going to be mostly on you to figure this stuff out, because as of yet, there's no write-ups on this forum either for doing a swap of any kind on your ride. That means you need to be prepared for much frustration in the future, especially going from carbed to EFI, and on a worm and sector steering box and old suspension. What aftermarket stuff is available for this car suspension wise to stiffen it up, and keep it going straight down the road when you stick some serious HP behind it?
I would suggest checking out other forums for older model Celica's as well, to see what people have done to mod their cars. That should help you out in making the decisions on this project.
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