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Author Topic: Cressida Rocker Moulding On Celica/supra  (Read 3290 times)

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Cressida Rocker Moulding On Celica/supra
« on: Apr 23, 2009, 06:36:25 am »
Snooping around the junkyard today to get a rocker switch to put in the console for my electric back up fan. I came across the Cressida from which I bought my front lip. I've had my eyes on the rocker trim for some time now, and figured since I had the money, I would pick them up and see what I could make happen. Best part is that it was only $10.00 for the trim and switch. What do you guys think? It would look better if I had flairs to cover the front part, but hell, atleast this isn't rusted and falling apart. I think it complements the wheel arch trim nicely.

You'll need:

A grinder or other ways of cutting the trim
A marker
A tape measure
Screws longer than the originals, but the same girth.

First, screw the front part of the trim towards the front wheel on. Since the hole is already in the Cressida molding, you might as well use it, or it'll look tacky.

Second: Slide the little "clips" over to align with the holes your stock trim snapped into. Don't clip it on yet! You have to cut it. ;) Measure from the front of the trim, to the quarter panel, right in front of your rear wheel. Mark it, and cut it. Now fasten it on. You'll find that theirs a sliding clip with a hole in it, move it over to the orange fastener on your rocker panel.

Third: Find a drill bit a little bigger than the girth of your original screw. Make the hole in the trim for the screw. Screw it on.

The same applies for the other side. I know this will work for the Celica just as it did for the Supra, because it was 4'' too long for the Supra.. They're stainless steel, but could be painted.

The moldings are for sale. Pm me to inquire.  
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