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Author Topic: Power mirror repair write-up  (Read 3848 times)

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Power mirror repair write-up
« on: May 05, 2010, 11:29:20 am »
This repair will work if your electric motor works, but the mirror doesn't move in any direction, up, down, left or right.

Things you will need.

1)Two 8mm metric find thread bolts. Length 25mm
2))Strong glue

Let's get started.

#1). Pop the mirror out of the ball socket, inside the mirror housing.
#2). Clean all the old green adjusting material out of the motor and gears.

M8-1.00 x 25mm

#3). Take both bolts and screw them into the motor and gear. *Be very careful when threading the bolts, so you don't cross thread/strip the plastic gear inside the motor. Screw the bolts below the ball socket, this will be important later, but don't screw them all the way to the bottom. This is what it should look like

#4). Take the mirror that you popped out of the ball socket and put some bonding agent of some sort where indicated in the pic In this case I'm using Gorilla Glue. Place the glue where the old green adjusters used to be. This will be useful later in the repair.
This is how it will look.

#5). Grab the mirror and pop the mirror back into the housing. *Note make sure the screws are below the ball socket, so when popping the mirror back into the housing the metal bolts don't crack or break the glass. When the mirror is popped back into the socket it will look like this.

#6). Take the repaired mirror to your car and install it back where it was. 3 screws hold it up, and then connect the electrical connect back to the mirror.

#7). Now the fun part. Use the power mirror switch to back the head of the bolt against the mirror. Do the same with the other bolt, as you have 2 new threaded adjusting bolts. :). When you see one of the bolts pushing the mirror, then it's touching the glue. Stop and leave it alone.

#8). What we want is both bolts to be touching the mirror/Gorilla Glue, so that when it dries it will look like this. *Note the bolts are not glued down. Not yet anyways, that will happen in the next few steps.

#9). Gorilla Glue claims to bond in 1-2 hours, but I say wait at least 6 hours, the longer the better.

#10). Jump in your car and test the mirrors. If done properly and your glue/bonding agent did the job, you should see your mirrors move in the direction you wanted. Then enjoy your working power mirrors again. Adjust them the way you like them.

*If your mirrors are not moving up, down, left, or right, that means 2 things. 1). Glue didn't bond or wasn't strong enough. 2). The bolts never touched the back of the mirror/glue and didn't make a proper seal. If everything went the right way, it would look like the picture in Step 8, where the head of the bolts are touching the back of the mirror.

This is a pretty fast way to repair the mirrors, without causing any damage to the mirror or housing.
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