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« on: Jul 02, 2011, 11:44:22 am »
Dunno where to begin.. so better start from the beginning.
as some of you may have read my topic on the general forum about me wanting a Celica Cabrio 1985.

I contacted Mazinger by chance on the 15 th of Nov 2009, just to ask if he would sell his car.
He replied the next day that he had been thinking of doing so, however the top was going to be replaced and there were a few other bits that needed to be done.

We kept in contact and sent messages on here and on Facebook and emails.
We have also talk to some extend on the phone.
During 2010 I had a bit of a rough time with work, but we kept in contact.
Anyhow, during the summer of 2010 alot was going on in my life and nothing happend with the Celica.
We exchanged emails and I was looking in to the ifs and buts on importing the Celica to Sweden,
there were some setbacks.. but then a new door opened.
So in the fall of 2010 we decided that we would wait until this spring and then would start setting up the arrangements of me getting the Celica.
In the spring of 2011 we talked and we decided that the Celica would get a new paint,
as the car was in need of a new coat.
I sent money to Mazinger over the net, not knowing him, but I trusted him.
It was done and then the car yet again put together and then finally sent of on the journey to Sweden.

During this process Mazinger has been incredibly patiance, and extremely helpful.
We both had to rely on each other, not knowing each other and trust each other.

He has been so helpful, really taken time to help me with everything & anything I needed.

In this day of age, when there are so many idiots, timewasters on the net.

This has been a true pleasure!

Would I ask him for more help - You bet!
Would I do it again with his help - You bet!
Would I recommend his help to anybody - You bet!

I've said thank you so many times Mazinger, but there are no thank you enough!

score 10 out of 10.
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