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Author Topic: Changing seat back trim  (Read 1552 times)

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Changing seat back trim
« on: May 24, 2013, 11:51:21 pm »
Hey all,

I saw no pics or anything of the Protekto trim found here.

I got this recently and decided to change out the trim on the passenger side so I could compare them.

You have to remove the seat backs in order to change the trim.

To remove them there's 4 bolts. (Driver's side also has the knob adjuster and lumber buttons on the GT-S - there's a clip holding the knob and there's vacuum lines that you have to disconnect from the buttons. If you have the clip, that is - mine didn't and somebody epoxied the knob on - PITA to remove!!!)

Once they're removed, the trim itself is stapled to the back, this is why you have to remove the seat backs.

Pop the staples out and remove the old trim.

The new trim is workable, but it may help to heat it slightly with a heat gun on the lowest setting, or better yet, a steamer. You can damage this material or the vinyl with too much heat, so be careful.

You'll have to spend time and carefully work the trim on. As you work the trim on, you'll notice that sometimes the vinyl folds up or just gets in the way - either use a very small flathead screwdriver and "fold" the vinyl into to the trim or use a putty knife.

Make sure the vinyl is under the trim! It will shrink and look like crap if you don't.

Once you've got the trim somewhat formed around the seat back you'll notice that it doesn't necessarily want to stay put, even though there's glue in the trim. It's really noticeable on the sharper radii. You'll need to staple the corners like it was done at the factory or it'll pop back out again. From the factory it looks like they used 5 mm staples. If you can it's best to use an upholstery stapler, as most are air powered and operated by a trigger. You could theoretically use a regular stapler but the staples are much bigger and it'll be hard to line things up, especially when you go to staple it. If you miss there's a chance you could put the staple right through the seat back, so be very careful.

Anyways, after messing around a lot, I got the passenger side done, and I took pics of the old trim on the driver's side and the new trim on the passenger side.

First picture should be the driver's side (old trim) and second should be the passenger side (new trim). Looks pretty damn close to stock!

And yes, I know I have a tear in the seat back. Plan to get the vinyl repair guy to fix the few marks in the vinyl.

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Re: Changing seat back trim
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2013, 12:03:29 am »
Thanks. This is something I've been meaning to do. I'm going to order the trim right away.
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