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Author Topic: Bomb proof yota trans mount upgrade  (Read 3092 times)

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Bomb proof yota trans mount upgrade
« on: Jul 22, 2013, 05:12:18 am »
this mod will eliminate ANY movement from the tranny and has a built in limiter if the mount fails. ideal for high HP/torque/traction builds or just hard driving.  YOU WILL FEEL MORE VIBRATION IN YOUR A$$, but its $30, very livable and 100% reversible.

parts needed:

1 stock mount any condition
1 energy suspension chevy TH350 tranny mount pt#3-1108G http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ens-3-1108g/overview/
2 22r eng mount bolt/nut/washers x4 or a 14mm bolt head equivalent

tools needed:

12,14mm wrench and sockets
hack saw
drill with wire wheel and 7/16 bit
metal hand file or grinder
1 beer

this "should fit" or work with any 2wd R series motor yota from 1974-95 auto or manual. also any W or A series tranny and maybe others

or anything that has a OEM mount that looks like this

baseline shots

new (see warning at bottom) vs 87 OEM 

now the fun part, cut it apart.


highly recommend cleaning it inside a garbage can with a wire wheel

and... i need a bigger vice, dont try to straighten the plate it warps the threads

at first i was all like...

but then i was all like this should be easier...

you want the bracket that bolts to the tranny, cut it as flush as possible and grind it so the flat part sits flush to the top of the mount in the center hole.

put some holes in the xmem

and it turns out the bolt that came with the mount kit perfectly fits the stock mount bolt hole.

did have to take off about 1/16 off the new bolt to make it clear the tranny.

the way it is pictured above, i built it to be the same height when bolted to the xmem as the stock one unloaded, i didnt take into account that a brand new (or at least the POS mount i bought) sags about the same distance as the OG mount.  so in that picture i have a .25in plate to add height and "nut spacers" on the bolts to make up for the bend on the xmem.

the plate that comes with the new mount IS a preload plate. if you install that plate you will get serious vibrations. without the preload plate the vibration increase is only about 25% of using the same mount as 1 motor mount.

for a final install i drilled a hole in the .25in plate then cut in half across the hole and used as spacers just where it bolts to the xmem with NO preload plate to make up for the bend in the xmem.

there is a hole in the xmem for the stock mount retainer bolt, the hole acts as a handy preload inhibitor for the mount. as setup i have zero movement from the shifter, and very minor vibration at low revs.

stock vs bomb proof

and as a public service announcement; do not buy this oem replacement mount!

i got 2 different ones and they are bending them wrong at the factory, trying to bolt this up would of stripped the threads on the tranny. you can see how out of whack it is in the crappy pics above
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