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Author Topic: 2JZ powered 1985 Celica GTS, World Racing League, Texas World Speedway  (Read 3070 times)

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What are our celicas at for distribution in stock form?
1985 celica GT , 191k.
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What are our celicas at for distribution in stock form?

approximately 52/48...
85 Celica GT-S LB "Blue"

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I knew Celicas were king! Killer driving that was fun to watch.
22re 270eb cam, ss valves, ported, 93 probe afm, four hole 211cc injectors, obx header 2-1/4 exhaust- still the slowest car on the block until the first corner. Hondon't adjustable coilover w/proshock 250lbs front, trucoil 225lb rear, agx front to back, addco front, whiteline rear, energy suspension. some yellow brake pads for the front.  Everything else has been restored to better then oem. And new 3.90 gearset by MotiveGear.