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Author Topic: How long will this one last?  (Read 53613 times)

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Re: How long will this one last?
« Reply #1485 on: Mar 30, 2020, 11:23:30 pm »
been spending every waking moment scouring the internet for jobs. trying to find a monday-friday job with benifits that pays 17 bucks an hour or more is damn near impossible. Id possibly work for less if health insurance cost less.

Starting to think once I can get my finances stable maybe i can go to school for something so i can make decent money. my body can't handle physical labor every day too much longer.

I'm filing for unemployment right now. No one is hiring for engineering. I'm helping my mom as much as I can, since the CDA (California Dental Association) basically said no one can see patients right now. But reaaaally not feeling being a food delivery person. I mean, if push comes to shove...

Software engineering is in high demand everywhere, I wonder what kind of associate/bachelors degrees are available at schools in your area.
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