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Author Topic: RA65 Celica using "KYB AGX Short Stroke Shocks for Supra" from T3 possible?  (Read 224 times)

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Hey everyone! Was doing some research on shocks to go with weld on coilovers for the front and MX73 Cressida springs and adjustable perchs, and saw that Techno Toy Tuning sells "KYB AGX Short Stroke Shocks for MA60 Supra".

So my questions is will this all bolt it? I believe the rear should be fine to bolt in, but I am not positive about the front and whether that gland nut (or strut spacer what ever you wanna call it) will fit in weld on coils for the Celica.

Any input helps! Thanks.

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I thought they had stuff for the 3rd gens. If it's a weld on it should be fine, if it's a complete strut the camber is different if I remember correctly. Also ask T3 if they have shocks specific to the Celica. Front end weight is a bit different.

They have full struts available and I noticed they give you store credit for clean stock struts. I wonder how much they give you.
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Stick with the RA64 version for your RA65. They will fit fine, the MA61 tophats are rotated 90 degrees. So even if you bolted them on, your camber plates will become caster plates. :P
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Ok thanks for your guys input!

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You need RA65/MA60 rear shocks/springs for a GT-S, but RA64 for the front.
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