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Author Topic: Some smog shops suck  (Read 232 times)

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Some smog shops suck
« on: Oct 16, 2021, 04:17:10 am »
Kinda celica related. Im fine with the fact that my celica is a rather rough example, some could call it a "shitbox." essentially a sheet metal interior since my interior is totally gone. all thats left is the front area where the driver and passenger sit. Kinda suspect the old owner wanted to gut it for track or drift. anywho, its rough on the inside. and the panels on the outside, though perfectly fine, do not belong to the car. only thing original that is left is the passenger fender, everything else is junkyard special. including the drivers door, which has the VIN from an older car which was an 82. Not to my car. i mention this to the guy, who immediately assumes i was some young idiot who bought a stolen car and starts berrating me on why i bought a clapped out thing like i have, not even noticing the rebuilt engine at all. They just turned me away and refused to even touch it anymore. I even overheard the guy talking crap about the thing as i left. some people smh
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