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Author Topic: For Sale: 1984 Celica GT Liftback 5MT(Nashville TN)  (Read 366 times)

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For Sale: 1984 Celica GT Liftback 5MT(Nashville TN)
« on: Dec 26, 2021, 05:04:51 pm »
Hey folks, I've got a great 1984 Celica GT for sale. 204,500 miles( I drive it often so mileage will go up a little bit.)

Images link here: https://imgur.com/a/R5KTZhA

Runs and drives great, $9500, has COLD R12 A/C, it is totally rust free. It has sun faded paint  on the roof and hood but is all original. Can easily be a daily driver.

This is a 2 owner car originally sold new in California, it retains all its original emissions equipment. Fully serviced and full of tons of new parts(with receipts of parts purchased, I have performed all this work myself.)

Major fixes include:

New clutch kit
Brand new custom driveshaft(with warranty)
New steering rack and hoses
New strut cartridges and rear shocks
New front control arm bushings, strut rod bushings, ball joints and sway bar bushings/endlinks(f and r)
New brake pads and rotors, and brake hoses
Motor mounts and OEM transmission mount
Tune-up and valve adjustment
Brand new igniter(and coil)
New tires
New battery
New starter
and much more

Fuel gauge reads 1/4 tank low(sending unit is bad and replacements are not readily available)
Speedometer reads 9mph high(unsure if speedometer gear or cable?)
Age related wear and tear 
No radio but all wiring is retained to my knowledge.

Let me know if anyone has questions, concerns or would like more photos, thank you!

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Re: For Sale: 1984 Celica GT Liftback 5MT(Nashville TN)
« Reply #1 on: Dec 26, 2021, 09:40:49 pm »
I'm not sure if you have a BAT listing, but it seems like that would be a good place to try for what you value it. For around 10,000 you could more then likely find a similar condition ae86 sr5 possibly a GT-S, or mk2 supra.

138k silver gt hatchback, manual, the most comparable to yours. sold for 4,289$ on 7/5/21 in california

68k silver gt notchback, automatic, presumably repainted due to mismatched engine bay color. sold for 7.2k in california

I'm not really trying to be a dick, but these cars, especially in gt or st trim are not very valuable. some very well kept gt-s cars can reach 10-20k depending on mileage and such, but there is a very significant difference in the trim levels. I wish you luck in selling it, just not for such an exorbitant price.

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Re: For Sale: 1984 Celica GT Liftback 5MT(Nashville TN)
« Reply #2 on: Dec 26, 2021, 10:04:14 pm »
Hey, I appreciate the response, I understand "offers" aren't technically allowed per forum rules, but I am open to offers. I've seen them listed anywhere from 5-10k for GT models across the country(autotrader/marketplace) some in better shape, some in worse. I DEFINITELY understand it isn't a GT-S by any means.