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Author Topic: Toyota / GR Heritage Parts program  (Read 234 times)

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Toyota / GR Heritage Parts program
« on: Jan 11, 2022, 02:23:36 am »
I lurk in the forums at alltrac.net, which gets about as much traffic as this forum (less banter though).  One of the mods just did a quick write-up on the start of the Toyota Heritage Parts program, which may offer a glimmer of hope for the RA6x crowd here?  I'd rather not re-write it so here's a naked steal (replace Alltrac/GT4 mentions with RA6x/MA6x mentions):

A little over a year ago Toyota announced they were going to be reproducing certain parts under the Gazoo Racing dept. They are calling this program the GR Heritage Parts program and it is currently available for the 2000GT, A70 & A80 Supra, AE86, and the Land Cruiser. This program is more geared toward reproducing parts for Toyotas that participated in racing, or simply have a huge following and are restored frequently like the Land Cruiser. I believe the GT-Fours are on a short list to be added to the program, but we really need to make our voices heard and let Toyota know we would buy parts if they would make them.

If you go to the Heritage Parts website https://toyotagazooracing.com/gr/heritage/ and scroll to the bottom there is a "Reproduction Request" form that you can use to request parts be made or a substitute found. Currently it is restricted to vehicles in the program. However, what I did was selected my region, put my ST185 VIN in the VIN field, and then selected that I was a A80 Supra.

You can submit 5 part requests at a time. With each part you can add a comment. I added "Please add the ST165/ST185 GT-Four/AllTrac to this program" and then gave a justification for the part I selected. Here are my 5 requests:

1. Rocker Panels
2. Weather Strips
3. Engine Wiring Harness
4. 3sgte engine gaskets (like the ST165 oil cooler gaskets)
5. TRD Plug wires and Front/Center Diff (not going to happen, but a boy can dream)

Please do the same, but feel free to pick parts that are more relevant to you! However, please also think of your fellow owners. I do not need a new wiring harness, weather strips, or rocker panels since I bought new ones years ago, but since the goal is to keep as many cars on the road as possible I think these are 3 parts that a lot of owners can use to keep their cars running.

Please take 15 minutes and fill out the Preproduction Request form and share with other owners that you know! If we can get the vehicles added, getting more parts added in the future will be easier! Your fellow owners will thank you!

Who knows, maybe those fragile Celica window trim pieces will be made fresh someday?  Keep your eyes on that space?
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