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Author Topic: WANTED - A/C Liquid Line tube on Evaporator from 83-85 celica  (Read 166 times)

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Hello, I'm not on this forum much as I have Supras, however, I'm seeking a part for my 85 MKII celicasupra that is also on the 83-85 Celica, so hoping to find the part here on this forum.

Although no longer available the OEM part number is 88716-14820
It's the Liquid Line tube, and I've indicated it on the photo and diagram below from the TSRM. It attaches inside the evap onto the expansion valve and the Pressure switch also connects to it.

I realize most folks might want to sell the entire evap. I'd rather not have to buy the whole damn thing...with shipping it would be a real bummer. So if you have an old evap collecting dust, with this line on it, please let me know. I guess though if I have to buy an entire evap then I'll have too. Its not hard at all to remove from the evap. Simply remove the evap case, then unbolt the line from the expansion valve. Probably 5 minutes to remove.

Photos for reference only, as I have not yet removed my evap from the dash.