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Author Topic: Cross Country Roadtrip Preperations!  (Read 57 times)

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Cross Country Roadtrip Preperations!
« on: Oct 17, 2022, 02:44:07 am »
In April 2023, im doing a cross country trip in the Celica from Sacramento CA, to Tennessee, as well as neighboring states to visit close friends and do a cruise. (BillyM's Supra cruise).
With that being said, what are some suggestions you all can give in terms of getting the car road worthy on that level, as well as general tips to improve the 6,500 round trip in terms of comfort and such.

Things to note are im tackling throttle system such as new TPS, have cleaned and freshened up EGR system and cleaned internals of the plenum to improve MPG. Brakes are all brand new hardware, spare the rebuilt calipers. Suspension is rebuilt to oem+ spec, and soon tackling bad rear bushings. Diff also rebuilt, as well as entire steering system (new R&P, poly rack bushes, rebuilt PS Pump, etc.) Interior wise, i have the whole interior rebuilt from when bought last year without an interior, with nice stereo too for amenities sake.

May get a tint to prevent sun burn while driving too and keep interior cooler.
85 RA64 LB 5MT (T3 suspension bits coming soon! :D )
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