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Author Topic: Classifieds Rules And Guidelines  (Read 4208 times)

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Classifieds Rules And Guidelines
« on: Oct 12, 2006, 03:24:26 am »
These are the rules governing all user conducted transactions on or through the Celica-GTS.com Message Forums. These rules are in addition to the Forum Rules, which are in addition to the Terms of Use. Please read these rules carefully. Failure to follow the rules may result in anything from a deleted thread and warning to a permanent ban.


1. Location information is required. All buyers and sellers are required to have their location information (City/State) displayed in their user profile. Sellers should also state their location in every for sale thread.

2. All purchases must be made in public. Buyers are not allowed to purchase items via the PM system. If you want to buy an item from someone reply to the thread stating your intentions to buy. PMs are ok for transaction closing/address exchanges, of course.

3. Sellers must honor the order in which people respond. First to respond has dibs. If the second person in line has cash waiting, and the first person has a legitimate question and is waiting for an answer, the first to respond still gets first crack at it.

4. Contact information exchange. When a buyer and seller agree to make a transaction, both parties should exchange contact information. Contact information should include at least home phone number and address. PO boxes and mail drops are not acceptable. The contact information should be transmitted via PM or email to preserve privacy.

5. No "best offer" sales. Best offer sales are really no different than eBay. Bidding wars can start and usually don't end favorably. Please set a price and stick to it.

6. No buying or selling on behalf of someone else. Third party transactions are strictly prohibited. Such posts will be deleted without warning. Please inform your interested party to feel free to join the forum and make their own ads/offers.

7. No hijacking of threads. This means keep it on track. Only replies related to the thread can be posted. If it is a for sale thread and you have the same item for sale, start your own thread. Do not link your thread in your reply. If it is a "want to buy" you may offer your parts for sale by providing a link to your thread.

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