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Possible xA6x Chassis Engine Swaps

Supra Engine Swaps

Let me start off by saying that this will by no means be a complete list of all possible engine swap candidates. Most anything your mind can dream of is possible with enough work and skill. For example, there is in existance somewhere (if you know of it please contact me) a xA6x Celica running a Chevy big block V8. This list contains some of my personal favorites that require little alteration to the chassis.

Okay, so you have decided the engine that is already in your car is not enough for your tastes. You should then consider what your tastes are. Also, what you want your car to do. There are many possible uses for this great chassis and there is an engine out there that will work for all of them. Lets consider what will work best for your objective.

  • If you are looking for a strait out drag racer all you care about is power. You want all of the power you can stuff in the engine bay.

  • If you are building an autocross machine then power is only part of the equation. You need a well balanced chassis. You will want the center of gravity to be as low as possible and as close to dead center of the car as possible (i.e. 50% front/50% rear & 50% left/50% right). So the weight of the engine is a major concern.

  • If you are designing a rally car you want dependability and balance. Include all of the autocross logic therefore weight is a major factor. The engine should also go 10,000 miles in the worst possible conditions at the highest RPMs on the most torturous road without ANY maintenance.

  • If you are building a track racer you want power, dependability, balance and fuel economy. You don't want to run out of gas on the last lap!

  • If you are looking for a daily driver you are probably looking for the best mix of all of the above. You want balance for handling, enough power for that 'spirited' freeway pass, dependability for obvious reasons and then fuel economy.

There are a few other uses for cars but they are not as popular (please don't waist one of these beautiful cars on a demolition derby!).

With that being said here is my list.


Toyota 22R-E or 22R-TE 2.4l I4

This is probably the most well rounded engine. As many have pointed out this is commonly used as a truck engine. But please don't assume that this engine is only good for trucks. You can set it up to be a good race engine or a good rock crawling engine. It is all in the tuning. With its broad power band, proper weight, genuine Toyota reliability and good response to mods this is generaly my personal pick for Celica's. Perhaps that is why Toyota engineers used it stock.

Possible applications: Anything
Pros: Responds well to mods. Broad power/torque band. Correct weight. VERY reliable. Popular.
Cons: Can be expensive to get a lot of power, will never get more than 400hp.


Toyota 3S-GTE 2.0l Turbo I4

This is a great choice for what ever you want. It is somewhat small at 2.0l but once the turbo kicks in, it has a good deal of response. The engine responds well to mods and has that wonderful Toyota reliability. This is my second choice for Celica's.

Possible applications: Anything and everything
Pros: Light, good response to mods, durable
Cons: Not much response until under boost, small.


Buick 3.8l Turbo V6

This is a good choice if you aren't hassled by manufacturer rules. Many racing organizations require you to have an engine produced by the same company as the chassis until in very high classes. That aside, this engine only weighs 50lbs more than a 22R-E and produces around 250hp STOCK! With some work this can be a very powerful machine.

Possible applications: Everything unless you are bogged down by manufacturer rules.
Pros: Very powerful even in stock form. Good weight. Can be pushed to 500-600hp.
Cons: Different brand name, might be a little cramped in the engine bay.


GM QUAD 4 Turbo I4

This is another decent choice. Again if you have to abide by rules concerning brands this wont work. It is a light engine and produces around 250hp. This is probably a bad choice for endurance racing because durability is a question.

Possible applications: Drag, Autocross, Daily Driver
Pros: Light, Efficient, Powerful
Cons: Might be fragile, especially if modified. Different brand name.


Toyota 5M-GE, 7M-GTE, 2JZ-GTE I6

The supra motors. These things are LONG and HEAVY. But they are durable and can be incredibly powerful. I have heard of 1,200+hp 2JZ-GTEs. This would only be a viable option for drag racing. Also requires considerable effort to install in a Celica. See: Supra Engine Swaps

Possible applications: Drag racing
Pros: Power, Power, Power, responds very well to mods, genuine Toyota reliably
Cons: Too big and too heavy. Don't expect to corner well.

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