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How-To: Relocate Fuel Filter

The fuel filter on fuel injected 22R-E engines is located on the block, under the intake plenum. This is a real pain to get to and if you haven't changed the fuel filter on your 22RE before, you probably didn't even know where it was. There are two tapped holes on the passenger side strut tower that fit the bracket perfectly. If you move the filter to the strut tower you will never have a problem with it again. Please note that it has been reported on high power engines the twisting action can rip the filter from the mount. But this is rare. I haven't had a problem, and I drive very hard.

[ celica044.jpg ]

Shopping List:

  1. Nothing

Tools Required:

  1. 12mm Socket & Ratchet


  1. Relieve fuel system pressure [1]
  2. Remove the fuel filter bracket from the block (2 bolts)
  3. Adjust fuel line connections to give the most slack
  4. Install the filter bracket onto the strut tower


  1. To relieve fuel system pressure pull the EFI fuse from the fuse block and crank the engine approximately 4 times.

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