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How-To: Upgrade Gauge Cluster

If you have a 1982-83 Celica or a 1982 Supra you probably have a speedometer that only goes to 85MPH. I am sure that there have been hundreds of times when you were just curise'n down the freeway and just had to wonder, "how fast am I really going? must be over 120MPH by now!". Well wonder no longer! All you have to do is swap out the gauge cluster for one out of a Celica with the 130MPH gauge cluster. I know, it is just a start but at least you will know you are going faster than 85, right!

[ celica019.jpg ]

Shopping List:

  1. Gauge Cluster from 84/85 Celica GTS (Not Supra [1])

Tools Required:

  1. Phillips Head Screw Driver
  2. Needle Nose Pliers

Process [2]:

Removal of Gauges

  1. Remove the gauge shade (4 screws) [3]
  2. Remove the plastic under-dash panel
  3. Disconnect the hood release cable
  4. Disconnect the floor lamp (if equipped) (optional)
  5. You should disconnect the speedometer cable before allowing the gauge cluster to go slack. This will prevent possible damage to the speedo cable and speedometer. This can be done by reaching up the passenger side of the steering column where the under-dash panel was. Grasp the cable and pull it away from the speedometer.
  6. Remove the gauge cluster (4 screws)
  7. Disconnect the gauge cluster, noting the location of the plugs. (4 plugs)
  8. Installation is the reverse of removal

Setting Odometer (ILLEGAL! DON'T DO!)

  1. Pull the small metal washer that holds the main mileage wheel stack approx.. 2-5mm up the wheel shaft. This washer located outside the hundred-thousand wheel. [4]
  2. Starting at the highest wheel; pull the wheel towards the washer and adjust to correct number. Be sure only to advance the wheel (1..2..3 not 9..8..7). Pull the next wheel, adjust then seat against the previous wheel. Repeat for each wheel.
  3. Seat whole wheel stack against the drive gear assembly [5]
  4. Push the washer back against the stack
  5. Admire your feat


  1. Can not use a Supra gauge cluster in a Celica because the tachometer will not work correctly on 4 cylinder engine.
  2. It is recommended that you first use this deconstruction procedure on the donor car BEFORE on your car.
  3. If tilt wheel equipped shade does not need to be completely removed, just be pulled back far enough to allow removal of the gauge cluster.
  4. Washer may need a drop of 3in1 or WD40 lube.
  5. Be sure the stack seats properly. Remember the numbers should not line up exactly when seated.

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