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How-To Articles

I have wanted to document my modifications, replacements and enhancements for future reference for a while now. But I think I have done one better by starting my documentation process and submitting the data to the Internet. These how-to articles are intended for the mechanically savvy, not as a guide but for people to cirque and to verify my processes. If anyone noticed a potential problem or has a question about any of these articles please contact me. The following articles are what I did to my car, not necessarily what you should do to yours. If you don't know what your doing inside and out you can really cause problems. (See: Disclaimer)

You should already have a Haynes manual, if you don't go pick one up NOW. This is very important for everything you will do to your car over its life. I will not cover anything that is already in this manual. Another good manual is the factory manual, sometimes called the Big Green Book (BGB). Chiltons is okay.

Upgrade Gauge Cluster

Upgrade to Open Element Air Filter

Supra Rear End Swap

Air Flow Meter Adjustment

Short Shifter Mod (Coming Soon)

Relocate Fuel Filter

Flush Brake System (Coming Soon)

Change Seats



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