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How-To: Open Element Air Filter

The stock air box on fuel-injected 22R-E Celica's is a big restriction on air flow. That restriction hogs power because the engine has to work harder to get the air for combustion. This problem can be fixed by replacing the factory air box with an open element air filter.

[ celica042.jpg ] [ celica043.jpg ]

Shopping List:

  1. 5" K&N or similar Open Element Air Filter w/ 3" id
  2. Air Flow Meter Adapter [1]
  3. Custom AFM Bracket

Tools Required:

  1. 10mm Socket & Ratchet
  2. Flathead Screw Driver (For Air Filter Clamp)


Removal of Air Box:

  1. Pull the radiator coolant fluid resovor [2]
  2. Remove the AFM to throttle body hose
  3. Unscrew the bolts that secure the air box (3) [3]
  4. Unplug the AFM [4]
  5. Remove air box
  6. Unscrew the bolts that hold the AFM to the old air filter box (4 inside, 3 outside)
  7. I would save the air box

Installation of the Assembly:

  1. Bolt the AFM adapter to the AFM
  2. Bolt the custom AFM bracket top the chassis
  3. Install AFM
  4. Install Air Filter
  5. Install AFM to throttle body hose
  6. Plug the AFM back in

Possible AFM Brackets:

  1. I went to the machine shop and had a 3 piece bracket custom made for my car. Making use of one original bolt location (Bottom one) and one new bolt location. (Specs and Diagrams coming soon!)
  2. Another option would be to cut an original air box (From a junk yard) down to the supports and AFM contact point. Then bolt the AFM adapter on top the the backing.
  3. The last option I have heard of is to take 2 pieces of aluminum stock, bend up 90° and drill holes.


  1. Air flow meter adapter can be purchased from Cyberspace Automotive Performance
  2. Right hand drive models have the charcoal canister in place of the coolant resovor. This must be removed as well.
  3. You will need a 12" (or more) ratchet extension in order to access the bottom bolt (almost under the AFM).
  4. The plug is secured by the metal clip, you must pull the clip away on both sides to separate the plug from receptor.

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