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Here are some resources that are available on this web site. I have attempted to include any relevant data and interactive media I can. I am always adding something so check back often. If you have some information or would like to see some added please feel free to contact me. Please remember I am not an expert, I am a hobby mechanic. The articles I write are just what I think I know, they may or may not be correct. I write them as much for my own resources as for yours.

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How-To Articles

History of the Toyota Celica

Killer 22R-E Engine Recipe

Killer 22R-TE (Turbo) Engine Recipe

Toyota 20R/21R/22R Exhaust

High Performance Celica Brakes

Toyota Celica Suspension

Toyota 22R-E EFI and Intake

Toyota 2xR Head Modifications

Toyota Celica Engine Swaps

Toyota VIN Codes

Toyota Differential Codes

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I want your input! Tell me what you think about my articles. Did they help you? Do you need more information? Did you find an error? Please contact me and let me know!


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